If we assume that in ancient times aliens have visited the planet Earth, then naturally the question arises – how did they cross interstellar space? It is possible that the artifacts of El Toro contain the specific hint to it.

In 2011, in the report on Saarbrucken Conference (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtqWQfsEOqM) in Germany (Congresshalle Saarbrücken) the physicist Nassim Haramein commented on the intriguing image at one of the artifacts of El Toro. The image shows how a space ship, appearing out of the solar space, is heading towards the Earth.


Nassim Haramein hypothesized that the aliens might have used the unknown for us technology to create and travel through the spatio-temporal tunnels of the type of “wormholes”.

As you know, the idea of the “wormholes” in the frame of the General Theory of Relativity (GTR) was proposed in 1935 by Albert Einstein and Mark Rosen. Thus, the General Theory of Relativity allows for the existence of these tunnels. However, their existence requires that the tunnel was filled with so-called “exotic matter” with negative energy density creating a strong gravitational repulsion. Although GTR mathematically predicts the existence of “wormholes”, but they have not been discovered yet.

Analysis of the artifacts of El Toro shows that in addition to the above pointed image, there are several others that may point to the fact that the aliens used the stars, particularly the Sun, to create a “Stargate” or space-time corridors for their space flights.

:\гибель_планеты\M015a.JPG :\гибель_планеты\F111a.jpg

It is obvious that this assumption is only our own interpretation of the images on the artifacts of El Toro.