Our team is an initiative international group of people of different professions, who decided to combine their efforts in order to conduct an objective study of artifacts found in different parts of Mexico, which reflect the phenomenon of paleocontact or visit in ancient times “aliens” of our planet.


Oleg Elistratov, USA

The field of expertise in the project (FEP): laboratory testing, statistical data processing, expeditions, organization of research.


Andrey Zhukov, Russia

FEP: history and archeology of ancient Mexico, historical analysis, expeditions, archaeological excavation.


Dr. Pablo Enrique Garcia Sanchez, Mexico

FEP: the study of the historical context and artifacts of zones of the Mexican paleoсontaсt, collection, expeditions.


Mark Russell, USA / Mexico

FEP: the study of artifacts of the El Toro “Aztlan”, collection, expeditions.


Nassim Haramein /USA (Resonance Science Foundation)

FEP: physics, laboratory tests, research, expeditions, public relation, collection.


Nikolay Subbotin, Russia

FEP: paranormal research, journalism, cinematography.


Dr. Dr. Gonzalo Franco Martinez, Mexico

FEP: the study of artefacts of the Teocaltiche zone, collection.


Dr. Mario Higuera , Mexico

FEP: the study of artefacts of the Guerrero zone, collection.


Julia Kamalova, Spain

FEP: translations , expeditions.


Marina Kokorina, Russia

FEP: study of graphics and artistic style of artifacts, expeditions.


Valery Barchenko, Russia

FEP: collection, expeditions.


Semen, Russia

FEP: skeptic, webmaster, computer data processing.

Anastasia Apurina, Italy

FEP: instigator to start research, history of ancient cultures.


Sergey Guryanov, Russia

FEP: UFO research, expeditions.


Evgeny Andrianov-Dalgren, Russia

FEP: collection, expeditions.


Alexander Sploshnov, Russia

FEP: computer graphics, filming, speleological expeditions.


Kiril Elistratov, USA

FEP: collection, expeditions, arheoligical excavation.


Victor Shvedov, Russia.

FEP: geology, study of stone carving, system analysis.


Olesia Olshansky

FEP: translations , expeditions.


Jullia Pratt

FEP: psychic, UFO research, archeology, expeditions.


Robbie Scott Brown, USA

FEP: organization of research, laboratory testing, expeditions. (Torus Tech).


Trevor Millar, USA

FEP: laboratory testing, analysis, expeditions (Torus Tech).

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Hauty Phitikov (Хаути Пхитиков), Russia

FTP: Ancient languages, historical linguistics.


Sergey Shpakovsky, Canada

 FEP: UFO research.


Nikolai Bougaenko, Canada

FEP: UFO research


Tomas Hrico – Switzerland

FEP: journalism, expeditions.


Igor Sokolov, Russia

FEP: UFO research