As shown by the analysis, there are images of planets of the Solar System on the individual artifacts of El Toro. We know the artifact, which simultaneously shows 7 planets of the Solar System, arranged in order of their dimensions. The first group of four planets consists of gas giants: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, followed by three solid planets: the Earth, Mars and Venus.

An UFO and an astronaut in a spacesuit are depicted on the artifact also. It is interesting to note that along with 9 images on the artifact, there are 9 glyphs there. It is acceptable to assume that each of the 9 glyphs corresponds to one of these 9 images.


At the top left, next to a picture of an UFO there is a glyph that probably means a spacecraft. An indirect confirmation of this can serve a similar image of an UFO and a glyph on another artifact of El Toro.

ибель_планеты/Md0541.jpg ибель_планеты/KI026.jpg

To the left of the figure of an alien there is a glyph that probably describes the concept of “astronaut”.


Let’s correlate the other 7 glyphs to the corresponding planets. For example, under the image of Jupiter there is a very interesting glyph, representing 4 disks with a spiral inside. The spiral can describe a rotation, and disks are four largest satellites of Jupiter. In our opinion, based on the location of the glyphs on the artifact, they can be correlated to the planets as follows:

1. Glyph of Jupiter


2. Glyph of Saturn


3. Glyph of Uranium


4. Glyph of Neptune


5. Glyph of Earth


6. Glyph of Mars


7. Glyph of Venus


Obviously, this conclusion is to some extent arbitrary, and requires further, more serious argumentation.

Planets of the Solar System are represented by the Earth and Saturn on the other known artifacts of El Toro. The Earth is depicted as a disk surrounded by an atmosphere, and Saturn is a disk with a ring. At the same time, images of destruction of the unknown planet and UFOs are often depicted in these scenes also.

:\гибель_планеты\base_file - Copy\F002.JPG :\гибель_планеты\base_file - Copy\Md022.JPG

:\гибель_планеты\base_file - Copy\F040.JPG


The logical question arises – why is there an image of Saturn along with a picture of the planet Earth? It is possible that Saturn is included in these scenes as the most recognizable planet in the Solar System. But it is also possible that this is due to the fact that both the Earth and Saturn could be the two base planets for the aliens. If we allow the assumption that the aliens could appear in the Solar System more than 12.5 thousand years ago, that is until the last global cataclysm on the Earth caused by the fall of a large cosmic body, creation by the newcomers the second base on one of Saturn’s moons (e.g., Titan and Enceladus ) is quite logical. Indirect proof of this is given below a photo of one of the artifact of El Toro. It seems to us that the scene of loading of a body of a deceased astronaut to the space ship is depicted on it. Above left we see a depiction of the Earth, and Saturn is in the right. But Saturn is depicted unusual, along with the traditional ring, there are four disks surrounding the planet. As we have noted in the previous articles, such image may be a glyph of the star system of the aliens that in this case can indicate the location of their space base.

:\гибель_планеты\base_file - Copy\Md147.JPG


As noted earlier, we a priori assume authenticity of the considered artifacts that is certainly a big assumption.