Images analysis of the “aliens” on the artifacts of El Toro allows us to highlight the specific features.

1. Elongated skull of a head


Almost on all the artifacts og El Toro the “aliens” are portrayed with disproportionately large and elongated heads. Along with that conical, dome-shaped and other shapes of elongated skulls can be found. Maybe we’re dealing with different groups of aliens, or this is creative imagination of the artists who produced these artifacts.

It is obvious that there is a parallel between the shapes of the aliens’ heads and famous numerous archaeological findings of the ancient elongated skulls. Such skulls, as we know, were found in Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, China, Russia, Egypt and many other places. And still in some parts of the world a strange custom of artificially lengthening of the skulls is kept. This custom has no rational explanation, if not to take into account the version of imitation. If aliens with elongated skulls really visited the Earth in ancient time, imitation of them as the “gods” or as their direct descendants, the “sons of the gods” can be seen as a quite rational hypothesis.

Children on the artifacts of El Toro are always portrayed with emphasized large elongated heads.

E:\aliens\01Head\H060.png E:\aliens\01Head\H020.jpeg E:\aliens\01Head\H009.jpg E:\aliens\01Head\H002.JPG

E:\aliens\01Head\H014.jpg E:\aliens\01Head\H012.PNG E:\aliens\01Head\H010.PNG E:\aliens\01Head\H005.JPG E:\ipipi.jpg E:\aliens\01Head\Fg029.JPG E:\aliens\01Head\Fg194.PNG E:\aliens\01Head\Fg136.PNG E:\aliens\01Head\Fg116.JPG E:\aliens\01Head\Fg079.PNG E:\aliens\01Head\Fg051.JPG E:\aliens\01Head\Fg043.PNG E:\aliens\01Head\Fg012.jpg E:\aliens\01Head\Fg080.PNG

E:\aliens\05Poses\Fg002.PNG E:\aliens\01Head\Fg010.JPG E:\aliens\01Head\Fg110.PNG E:\aliens\01Head\Fg056.PNG

Children on the artifacts of El Toro are always portrayed with emphasized large elongated heads.

E:\dfddfdf - Copy.jpg E:\aliens\01Head\Fg212.jpg E:\aliens\01Head\Fg155.PNG

It is easy to see on the existing images of the heads the lack of hair, and part of the aliens has no auricles.

2. Characteristic face with huge slanting eyes, a long, narrow nose and a small mouth.          

E:\aliens\02Face\M032.JPG E:\aliens\02Face\M045.JPG


3. Four-toed limbs.

With rare exceptions, aliens are depicted with four fingers on the hands and feet. Obviously this is not an artistic technique, but a reflection of the real fact.

E:\aliens\03Hands\Fg010b.JPG E:\aliens\03Hands\T012.PNG D:\IMG_0434.JPG E:\aliens\03Hands\Fg170.PNG

4. Uniformity of the profile images of the faces

Profile images of the “aliens” faces on the artifacts of El Toro are made almost equally and sketchy. However, we can note the variety of forms of protective helmets on the heads of the aliens. It is possible that the helmets performed not only a functional task but they also served as a kind of distinctive attribute. It is also interesting to note that typologically profile images of the artifacts of El Toro are close to the profile images of people who can be found on the artifacts of the Mayan civilization.

E:\gjhg.jpg E:\aliens\02Face\Md159.JPG E:\aliens\02Face\Md139.JPG E:\aliens\02Face\Md051.jpg E:\aliens\02Face\Md134.JPG E:\aliens\02Face\Md121.JPG E:\aliens\02Face\Md100.PNG E:\aliens\02Face\Md048.jpg

E:\aliens\02Face\Md073.JPG E:\aliens\02Face\Md072.PNG E:\aliens\02Face\Md009.JPG E:\aliens\02Face\M013.JPG E:\aliens\02Face\Md006.JPG E:\aliens\02Face\Md003.JPG E:\aliens\02Face\M100.PNG E:\aliens\02Face\M021.JPG E:\aliens\02Face\M016.JPG E:\aliens\02Face\M008.JPG E:\aliens\02Face\F052.PNG E:\aliens\02Face\KI005.jpg E:\aliens\02Face\H005 - Copy.JPG E:\rtyrty.png E:\aliens\02Face\F100.PNG E:\aliens\02Face\F006 - Copy.JPG E:\aliens\02Face\F018.JPG E:\aliens\02Face\F013.jpg E:\aliens\02Face\F013 - Copy.jpg

Profile images of the faces on the Mayan artifacts.


5. Aliens with unusually long necks.

Among the artifacts of El Toro there is a small group, in which the “aliens” are depicted with unusually long “segmented” necks. It is possible that this is characteristic structure of their body or these are elements of clothing or jewelry.

E:\aliens\05Poses\Md115.jpg E:\ertererte.jpg E:\aliens\05Poses\Fg200b.JPG E:\aliens\05Poses\K025.PNG

E:\Md067.PNG E:\aliens\01Head\Fg009.PNG E:\aliens\01Head\Fg081a.JPG E:\aliens\05Poses\Fg098.JPG

As we know, some African and Asian cultures (particularly, the Ndebele in South Africa and the Padaung in Myanmar and Thailand) keep the tradition of “neck rings” by which they artificially lengthen their necks. It is possible to assume that this tradition, like the tradition of artificial lengthening of the skull is also associated with imitation of the alien “gods”.

E:\220px-Kayan_woman_with_neck_rings.jpg Picture1.png

6. Presence of the images of the aliens – Reptilians

On the separate artifacts of El Toro we can meet the type of faces, unusual for the bulk of the images, that we call the “Reptilians”. It is interesting to note that these images resonate with some famous ancient artifacts from South Africa.

E:\aliens\01Head\H032.jpg D:\IMG_0439.JPG E:\aliens\01Head\Fg145.jpg E:\aliens\02Face\M108.JPG

Ancient artifacts from South Africa