In the cultural life of the Mexican city Ojuelos the museum of archaeology plays an important role. It is located in a historical building constructed in 1901 on the project of the local priest Don Luis González Maciel. For many years the building housed the school for girls, the offices of the municipality, the local house of culture.


Officially the archaeological museum was opened in 2001. It currently has over 350 historical artifacts; most of them were donated to the museum by the local residents. The Museum frequently holds exhibitions, conferences, sessions with young artists and musicians. The Museum is under the supervision of the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico. Currently the museum is closed for repairs.

The exhibition mostly presents samples of ceramic utensils, arrowheads, scrapers, etc. which were found in the vicinity of the city and related to the pre-Colombian period.


You should pay attention to the group of fragments of ritual sacrificial figurines. Some of them have elongated heads which suggests that the ancient indigenous cultures had a custom of artificial modification of the shape of skulls.


The most interesting part of the museum exhibition is connected with presence of the carved of stone figures, which can be attributed to the group of the artefacts of El Toro “Aztlán”, which correlates with the theme of alien visits (images of UFOs and “aliens”).


The archives of the Museum contain the documents about the acts of donation of these items by the local residents.

It is interesting to note that the Director of the Museum is Juan Cardenas, who is one of the best connoisseurs of the zone of El Toro hills and the local archaeological sites. He can be called a hereditary hunter for the artifacts of El Toro “Aztlán”. The Cardenas family for many years lives in this area and according to the information the available findings of the unusual artifacts were registered in several generations of the family.



There is evidence that after the museum was closed for repairs, it was robbed and the artifacts of El Toro “Aztlān” disappeared from the museum.