One of the most frequent stories on the artifacts of El Toro is the scene of the unknown planet destruction. Cosmic catastrophe represented in the form of breakup of a planetary body.


This story is found on different types of the artifacts of El Toro such as masks, ritual knives, figurines, etc.




The atmospheric layer (in kind of a halo) on all the artefacts shows that the destroyed space body was a planet, despite the fact that the images themselves are different from each other.

:\гибель_планеты\Fg030.JPG :\гибель_планеты\Md100.PNG :\гибель_планеты\Fg023a.PNG :\гибель_планеты\M005.JPG :\гибель_планеты\Fg127.PNG


There is reason to believe that the artifacts of El Toro show the cause death of the unknown planet. In many images, along with a picture of this dying planet, there is a glyph in the form of a plasma flare directed toward the planet.

:\гибель_планеты\M100.PNG :\гибель_планеты\M005 - Copy.JPG :\гибель_планеты\F037.JPG :\гибель_планеты\F052.PNG

There is also another type of drawings, depicting a peripheral bang with the core inside, without atmosphere. It is acceptable to assume that these two types of drawings reflect the space stellar catastrophe that led to the destruction of the planet. For example, the discharge of a shell from the red giant and the outcrop of the core of a star, with the subsequent formation of a star like “a white dwarf”. It is easy to notice the similarity of images of a “Bang” on the artifacts of El Toro with a pattern represented in Wikipedia, (https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki – the article “White Dwarf”) depicting asymmetric emission of gas-dust matter by a red giant.

:\гибель_планеты\Fg121.jpg :\гибель_планеты\M204.jpg :\гибель_планеты\M021.JPG roto-Planetary.Nebula.HD44179.large.jpg

It is obvious that death of the planet, inhabited by highly advanced beings, forced them to evacuate to the other planets. And this fact, in our opinion, is also reflected in the drawings of the artifacts of El Toro, in the form of spaceships leaving a dying planet.

:\гибель_планеты\Md100.PNG :\гибель_планеты\Fg023.PNG :\гибель_планеты\Fg092.PNG :\гибель_планеты\Fg058.JPG :\гибель_планеты\Fg081a.JPG

The planet Earth could become this refuge, possibly temporary one. On the artifacts, depicting the planet destruction, the planets of the solar system are often included in the overall plot along with the space ships that is clearly visible on the image of Saturn.

:\гибель_планеты\M059.JPG :\гибель_планеты\F002.JPG :\гибель_планеты\Md022.JPG :\гибель_планеты\FgS002b.jpg

Another argument confirming the “catastrophe” plot can be the expressive scene on the artifacts symbolizing, in our opinion, the idea of salvation – an alien in a space ship, holding a baby in his outstretched hands on the background of a dying planet.


:\гибель_планеты\base_file - Copy\Fg127.PNG :\гибель_планеты\base_file - Copy\M021.JPG :\гибель_планеты\M005.JPG

It is obviously the question arises about where the crash occurred and what planet was destructed as the result. According to mythology, artifacts, and the results of investigations of several authors, it is possible, in our opinion, to consider the theory that it was possibly one of the planets of the Sirius star system. In favor of this version, first of all, tell the legends of the Dogons about the star Sirius-B and the change in color of Sirius (from red to white). As you know, Sirius is mentioned as a red star in the ancient chronicles.

On the other hand, modern astronomy believes that Sirius-B became a dwarf star more than 100 million years ago, and red color of Sirius, observed in ancient times, was connected with the state of its atmosphere. In addition, according to astronomical calculations, the age of the system Sirius AB is about 225-250 million years, that is sufficient for the emergence of advanced civilization according to the modern scientific ideas.